Windows 11 Migration Strategies

5 Considerations for a Sustainable Endpoint Landscape

Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Time: 10:00AM PT
Duration: 30 minutes

SPECIAL GUEST IT Manager, Jay Thomas, will join us to share how he manages 2,500 endpoints across a multi-site environment and why he’s waiting to migrate to Windows 11

New Hybrid Workplace, New Migration Strategy

While some companies were eager to roll out Windows 11 and are having great success, others see the magnitude of this migration project and are taking their time to carefully plan to minimize risk and disruption. Afterall, this is the first major Windows migration in years and the first OS migration project to happen in the new post-COVID remote workplace. The new endpoint landscape includes new safety and security requirements, plus the OS looks much different than it did when companies migrated to Windows 10 years ago.


Join us in a live Windows 11 migration strategy discussion. We'll share our recommended pre-migration checklist and uncover why the release of Windows 11 has been a unique inflection point for many organizations to reconsider their endpoint platform strategy all-up.

Attendees will learn:

  • What we know about Windows 11
  • Key considerations for Windows 11 readiness and planning
  • Why it’s important to start planning your migration now
  • How SmartDeploy's cloud-integrated User Data Migration can minimize disruption, especially in hybrid environments

Don't miss it! One lucky attendee will win a one-year SmartDeploy Pro subscription for 25 machines ($820 value) in a live raffle.

About the Speakers


Aaron Suzuki

CEO & Founder

Spencer Dunford

General Manager


Erik Nymark

Director of Systems Engineering