Navigating the Hybrid Security Landscape

How to keep your organization’s endpoints secure and productive


SPECIAL GUEST Fulvio Mazza, Director of IT at Brean Capital, a leading U.S. investment bank, will share his solutions for supporting a high-tech, fast-paced environment in an industry where security is paramount, and disruptions are costly

A holistic and streamlined approach to endpoint management & security

Dealing with IT security has never been a more complex or challenging task than it is today. Remote work has become more widespread, and hybrid environments are on the rise, leading to new security vulnerabilities and increased exposure to cyberattacks.

Organizations can also expect to manage a greater variety of hardware devices. Global supply chain disruptions and shortages that are making it harder to acquire hardware, growing adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, and new Windows 11 hardware requirements that necessitate hardware refresh further complicate the work of IT teams.

What is the impact on endpoint management and security? And how should organizations approach this new paradigm? Join us in a live panel discussion to examine the issues that are keeping IT professionals up at night. We will be highlighting common security risks, industry best practices, and ways organizations can manage their endpoint environment more effectively.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build a strong security culture that educates users on common threats (like phishing scams)
  • To keep endpoints up to date and compliant (including some of our favorite tools)
  • How to manage BYOD practices in line with your organization’s security policies
  • About securely managing remote endpoints via the cloud using SmartDeploy

Score a bonus prize! One lucky attendee will win a one-year SmartDeploy Pro subscription for 25 machines (worth $820) in a live raffle!

About the Speakers

Spencer Dunford

Head of Sales

Fulvio Mazza

Director of IT
Brean Capital, LLC

Josh Mackelprang

Solutions Manager