New product unveiling

30 minute webcast and Q&A

Join us for:

  • A conversation around endpoint management trends
  • A comparison of SCCM, VDI, and hybrid VDI
  • How to leverage Box or Dropbox to manage endpoints
  • Demo of hybrid VDI through layered endpoint management

VDI and SCCM realities

For many organizations, VDI was a dream. Central management for IT, more security around company data, and the reduced cost and management of thin client user devices. However, many have learned that these benefits come at a cost: a lengthy and expensive planning phase, expensive infrastructure to purchase and maintain, and worst of all, a loss in end user productivity. 

SCCM does not have the same user performance and productivity issues as VDI because the operating system and applications run locally on the computer. However, the complexity of these solutions significantly increases the time to manage endpoints, preventing IT productivity in areas more strategic to the organization. 


Power and flexibility for IT

With hybrid VDI from SmartDeploy, endpoint management is simplified with centralized, single-image management of Windows and applications regardless of where users are located or how they are connected. End users can take advantage of all the power of their endpoint even if they are in an airplane with no internet access or using applications that require high-end graphics processing.