3 ways to Battle IT Burnout

How IT teams can support, equip, and empower themselves to succeed

10AM PT | 12PM CT

GUEST SPEAKER: Network and Systems Technician, Robert Barcomb, will join us to share how his four person IT team uses SmartDeploy to simplify endpoint management for 2000+ users across multiple locations, saving valuable IT time and helping to reduce stress across the team.

Taking a people-first approach to IT

IT admins are the backbone of many organizations, managing crucial technology infrastructures that help maximize uptime, performance, and security. Playing such a critical role can be exciting, but success comes at a cost.

Burnout has been an endemic issue across the industry as long hours and never-ending job demands have left many in IT feeling bone-tired and disillusioned. Having to support a growing pool of remote endpoints, increasing software rollouts, and a greater diversity of hardware with supply shortages and BYOD adoption — all add to the complexities of IT work today. Yet, they are not finding the help, solutions, and support they need to remain happy and productive.

This webcast will feature a live discussion with seasoned industry peers like Josh Mackelprang, Solutions Manager at PDQ, as we take a hard look at critical gaps in the workplace as well as strategies to cope with daily challenges. We’ll also share ways to create a more constructive workplace — plus some tools that can make the life of sysadmins a little easier. 

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify common signs and scenarios of burnout
  • Develop strategies and resources to cope with workplace challenges
  • Streamline workloads and more efficiently manage their endpoint environment
  • Simplify everyday tasks like Windows and app deployment using SmartDeploy

Plus, one lucky attendee will win a one-year SmartDeploy Pro subscription for 25 machines (worth $820) in a live raffle!

About the Speakers

Jeff Kolln

Technical Sales Associate

Robert Barcomb

Network & Systems Tech
Beekmantown Central School District

Josh Mackelprang

Solutions Manager